Thanks for purchasing PAYDIRT! As promised, you can access the links to the following newsletters here, many of which offer a discount:

1. This is Lobo Tiggre’s site, and he has two paid publications: My Take, where he gives his “take” on hundreds of companies and where you can actually submit requests; and Independent Speculator that jumps into the more speculative companies. For his research on the “pre-production sweet spot” (chapter 9) see his report, The Greatest Discovery of My Career.

2. Gold Newsletter. Brien Lundin has been doing this longer than me, and he tends to focus primarily on juniors. He also has an Alert service. Both links offer a 30% discount.

3. This publication is inexpensive and includes some great technical analysis from friend Steve Penny.

4. Gwen Preston is a seasoned analyst in the resource industry. I always want to know what’s she’s thinking. Enter code RMTY2023 to get 30% off her prime service.

5. David Morgan was dubbed the silver guru years ago and his team has been covering the sector for decades.

6. If you're a high net worth individual and looking for private placements, in my experience one of the most dialed-in services for this is Marin Katusa's firm,