Decoding the Pause Political Commitments and Social Shifts in the Green Transition We started Evergreen Investing for one clear reason: climate change is one of the most disruptive economic forces of our lifetimes, a statement underpinned by the fact that 70% of countries representing almost 83% of global emissions and 80% of global population have committed to net zero by 2050. Dramatic changes in how things are made, moved, and used around the world will generate standout investment opportunities. Paradigm shifts always do (as we discussed in the October issue). But the green paradigm shift is currently stalled. High interest rates have suffocated capital-intensive green initiatives. Political backlash keeps impeding green directives in many places. And green investment hype five years ago pushed many green stocks sky high; they have since fallen a long way and it takes time for investors to re-engage when a sector sells off significantly. The selloff probably isn’t done. In a recent MLIV Pulse survey, Bloomberg asked investors whether they thought green stocks would fall further. What I want to discuss today is why we are so confident the green shift is paused, not stopped. It comes down to two things: political commitments and social […]

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