Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword: By Mike Maloney

Preface: What This Book Is and Whom It’s For

Introduction: The Most Terrifying Mine I’ve Ever Entered

Section One: You’re Already a Mining Investor!

Chapter One: Precious Metals Everywhere

Chapter Two: Should I Invest in Mining Stocks?

Section Two: The Key to Mining Profits

Chapter Three: The #1 Catalyst for a Gold & Silver Mining Stock

Chapter Four: What PAYDIRT Looks Like

Section Three: Mining Stocks and Funds

Chapter Five: No Two Mining Stocks Are the Same

Chapter Six: Mining Stocks Made Easy

Section Four: How to Pick Mining Stocks

Chapter Seven: The Most Powerful Formula to Identify Winning Mining Stocks

Section Five: Investment Strategies

Chapter Eight: Identifying Producers That Will Beat the Index

Chapter Nine: Developers—And My Favorite Investment Strategy

Chapter Ten: Explorers: The Biggest—and Riskiest—PAYDIRT

Section Six: How to Buy and When to Sell

Chapter Eleven: The 5 Commandments for the Mining Stock Investor

Appendix I

Appendix II


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