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I own a number of mining stocks, but the ones listed on this page comprise my largest personal investments.

A few things you should know about this list…

  1. I’m laser focused on gold and silver miners. Primarily because they’re monetary metals and the monetary system is at risk. I own uranium stocks, too, and will probably add them to the portfolio at some point. I’ll also add some copper plays once the timing looks better. For now, I want clear and overweight exposure to this specific group of miners. Along with bullion, this will be the primary focus of TheGoldAdvisor.
  2. New picks, and more to come. If you’ve followed my work, you’ll see some miners I’ve talked about before—along with some new stocks that I personally added recently. I’ll add more as we go along, probably some this year, as I uncover additional compelling speculations. For all stocks listed here, you’ll see ongoing coverage of major company developments.
  3. These companies meet my specific criteria. My bar for a mining speculation is high. We’ve already turned down a few companies that asked to be part of the portfolio. My investment dollars are at stake, too.
  4. I’ve included all the details of how each company meets our criteria, content that is exclusive to TheGoldAdvisor. This explains why I invested in them, and will help with your own due diligence, too. It is a strategy you can build on with other mining stocks you might be interested in.
  5. You gotta take the pledge. You’ll see I speculate more in explorers than other categories of miners (which is reflected in our logo). If you do the same, you must buy a basket of stocks, not just one or two. While I’m excited about the possibilities with each of these companies, buying just one or two miners—especially explores—pushes your risk higher.
  6. The most effective way to reduce your risk of investing in miners is to buy a basket of stocks, regardless of your budget. So, raise your right hand and repeat after me…

I promise to buy a basket of mining stocks. I will not own just one or two. The number of my holdings will fluctuate at times, but I will avoid the risk of a wipeout by maintaining a basket. I understand this still gives me strong exposure to the upside. I acknowledge Jeff has made me aware of this strategy and that I am ultimately responsible for my own investment decisions.

Thanks for taking the pledge! Now on to the fun stuff…


Home / Portfolio / Portfolio List