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Gold: The Ultimate Financial Insurance Policy

What’s your answer to this quiz question?

Physical gold gives the ordinary citizen:

  • A hedge against crisis, including stock market collapse and recession
  • A store of value
  • A tangible asset with no counterparty risk
  • All of the above
  • You don’t need to own gold, the government will always support the economy.

The answer, of course, is D. Gold offers all of those benefits. And they’ve become ever more critical in today’s world…

  • Economists estimate that an economic, market, or social crisis occurs every two to three years on average.

From pandemics and wars to recessions and stock market crashes, our modern society endures stressful events with consistent regularity.

And here’s the thing: they’re not your fault! You did nothing to cause or provoke them. You’re an innocent bystander.

Meanwhile, governments, Wall Street, and Mother Nature wreak havoc on your world. Yet, you are a forced participant and guaranteed victim of the crisis fallout.

  • Only you can protect yourself. Gold is the one asset to shield your wealth and your lifestyle. Without it, you are vulnerable.

It’s why billionaire Thomas Kaplan said, “If the world does well, gold will be fine. If the world doesn't do well, gold will also do fine—but a lot of other things could collapse.”

Even Kevin O'Leary of Shark Tank fame gets it: “I like gold because it is a stabilizer; it is an insurance policy.”

Gold is the best portfolio insurance available…

  • It usually rises in a recession and hedges against a stock market crash
  • It is a long-term store of value—better than any paper currency, even delivering better returns than the stock market this century.
  • Physical gold has no counterparty risk; it’s not a government-created paper product that requires you to rely on another party to influence its value or keep their promise.

This hat trick of features is almost impossible to find in another asset.

And those features are now critically important in today’s global climate of chronic debt, money printing, and inflation—none of these are your fault, but you will suffer their impact nevertheless…

  • Sovereign debt levels have reached the point where they can never be repaid. Yet, politicians continue to borrow and spend. They will not stop until a crisis forces them to do so. They create it. You suffer through it.
  • Historical levels of currency creation via monetary and fiscal stimulus has now morphed into handing out money directly to consumers with “stimmie” checks. This is the new norm for governments, made possible by central banks.
  • The inflation that debt and stimulus would inevitably provoke has arrived. The deadly irony is that the tools with which governments and central bankers are left to battle inflation is more debt and stimulus. The crisis trap has been sprung.

Confronting these problems has gone from urgent to critical, because they are unsustainable.

That doesn’t mean the crisis will unfold the day after you read this. It does mean the current monetary system cannot stand upright indefinitely.

Like a ponzi scheme that eventually collapses by its own design, an end date to the current monetary system is already written in future history books. We just don’t know the date.

These big picture forces set the stage for a scale of crisis, or crises, that could rival the fall of Rome.

  • You’ll either be a victim or a victor. Once the effects of a broken and abused monetary system begin to play out, there won’t be much room for middle ground.

This is why I own gold. And will continue to own it, until the monetary system is restructured into something sound.

It’s why you should own a meaningful amount of gold, too.

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