It’s not just a bull market in gold and silver. They’re the natural recipients in the accelerating trend toward a new monetary regime. Global de-dollarization efforts, negative-yielding government bonds, runaway debt levels—these trends and more point to a deteriorating fiat currency system, one that is increasingly vulnerable. Gold and silver stand directly in the path of profit. And mining stocks—the highest quality mining stocks—offer the potential for life-changing leverage. Welcome to TheGoldAdvisor.



Why We Have Sponsors

Investment websites can generate revenue one of two ways: charge investors or charge companies. We chose the latter, as this allows us to produce free content for investors. I’m happy to share my knowledge, analysis, and personal holdings, and feel this is the best way to serve the gold and silver community.

You should know, however, that we don’t accept just any sponsor. Companies must pass our criteria or they are not accepted. As such, the following companies are hand-picked and fully vetted, and are part of TheGoldAdvisor portfolio. You can assume that Jeff owns shares in all of them.