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You probably haven’t read a legal disclaimer like this before…

Despite the name, none of what is published on TheGoldAdvisor is intended, nor should be considered, as personal advice to you.

All websites say that, but do you know why?

The obvious reason is because I’m not a licensed financial advisor, nor is TheGoldAdvisor a registered advisory service.

The bigger reason—and why the personal finance industry is heavily regulated—is because I don’t know what would be good advice for you.

Just imagine this scenario. You’re an online fashion advisor. In your industry, it’s well known that if you “buy straw hats in winter” you’ll get them at a cheaper price. The same logic applies to winter coats—buy them in summer when no one is interested. It’s summer now, so you advise your readers to buy their winter coats because they’re on sale. But that would be bad advice for me… I live in the low desert and never need a winter coat. You didn’t know that about me, so your advice would be a waste of my money. I would suffer a total “loss.”

It’s the same with buying mining stocks. Even gold. I know nothing about your age, health, income, net worth, risk tolerance, retirement horizon, employment stability, investing experience, mining knowledge, research skill—you get the idea.

I can’t possibly know if any stock is a good investment for you.

Which means I don’t, won’t, and can’t give individual stock picking advice.

You gotta make your own decisions. And don’t rely on someone that knows nothing about you.

You can hire a financial planner who understands the case for gold and also knows about mining stocks.

The brutal truth is, it’s your decision whether to invest in any company that appears on this website.

  • Nothing on this website is personal investing advice or a recommendation to buy.

We don’t give advice. We offer information. And that’s not a bad thing. It can be liberating to take full control and responsibility for your own investing choices.

Information, education, and knowledge. Those are the ingredients that make better investors. That’s what we are offering.

So, here’s the official disclaimer…

  • The information and opinions offered by TheGoldAdvisor and any related content is for educational purposes only and should NOT be construed as personal financial advice.
  • We recommend that any potential decisions and actions you may take in your investment portfolio be conducted under the guidance and supervision of a professional financial advisor in good standing with the securities industry.
  • All investments involve risk and may result in partial or total loss.
  • While we believe our commentary to be true, it is always dependent on the reliability of sources. You are strongly encouraged to confirm facts on your own before making a financial commitment.
  • I own shares in the companies that are sponsors. They support the site financially. Jeff Clark and any associates may buy or sell any security discussed at any time.
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