July 19, 2024: Weekly Wrap-Up of All Developments in TheGoldAdvisor Portfolio

It’s been a busy week for the GoldAdvisor portfolio, here’s a recap of the week… MONDAY, JULY 15: News from Tectonic Metals, plus the introduction of the Paydirt Podcast! Tectonic Metals, + Interview and Announcing the New Paydirt Podcast! TUESDAY, JULY 16, 2024: Two companies with news today: Aztec Minerals, Canter Resources. How to Find Company Info on the Website. WEDNESDAY, JULY 17, 2024: Four companies with news today: Heliostar Metals, Cabral Gold, Aztec Minerals, Radisson Mining. THURSDAY, JULY 18, 2024: News from First Majestic Silver: First Majestic Silver

First Majestic Silver

Hi TheGoldAdvisor readers, One company with news today, the update provided by senior analyst Jeff Valks including his look at the stock…   First Majestic Silver (AG; T.AG) Reports Increased Production in Q2 2024 Amid Strategic Enhancements -Jeff Valks, Senior Analyst   First Majestic Silver announced robust production performance in the second quarter of 2024, highlighted by significant increases in both silver and gold output across its three active mines in Mexico: Santa Elena, San Dimas, and La Encantada. The company’s production results signal strong operational momentum heading into the latter half of the year. Key Production Highlights Total Production: First Majestic produced a total of 5.3 million silver equivalent ounces (AgEq) in Q2 2024, comprising 2.1 million ounces of silver and 39,339 ounces of gold. This reflects a 2% increase in AgEq production compared to Q1 2024. Santa Elena Mine: Production at Santa Elena reached 2.6 million AgEq ounces, up 13% from the previous quarter. This increase was driven by higher ore processing rates and improved gold grades, which boosted the mine’s output to 376,947 ounces of silver and 27,176 ounces of gold. San Dimas Mine: San Dimas produced 2.1 million AgEq ounces, with 1.1 million ounces of silver […]

High-Grade Drill Results from Both a Uranium and Silver Explorer, Plus an Update from a Quebec Explorer.

Hi Paydirt Prospector investors, We have good news today from three companies, including strong drill results from a uranium explorer and a silver explorer today, along with an update from a Quebec gold explorer…   SKYHARBOUR RESOURCES (SYHBF; V.SYH; FSE: SC1P) intersects 7.3% U3O8 over 3 meters, within 5m of 4.61% U3O8 at Moore. Management announced assay results from their winter diamond drill program while I was at the Rule Symposium last week. The highlight hole hit 5 meters of 4.61% U3O8 from a relatively shallow depth beginning at 265.5 meters, including 10.19% U3O8 over one meter. This is one of the strongest intersections at the Moore uranium project, which is just 15 kilometers from Denison Mine’s Wheeler River project in the Athabasca. A second hole hit 1.11% U3O8 over 11.5m starting at 266.8m downhole, including 2.0 meters of 5.87% U3O8. As this graphic shows, all seven holes drilled in the Main Maverick Zone intersected significant uranium mineralization.   As CEO Jordan Trimble points out, “The drill results announced here demonstrate the high-grade, shallow endowment of uranium mineralization at the Main Maverick Zone. We continue to expand this main zone and will be drilling this summer to further delineate the […]

Heliostar Metals, Cabral Gold, Aztec Minerals, Radisson Mining.

Hi TheGoldAdvisor readers, Four companies with news today, let’s jump right in…   HELIOSTAR METALS (HSTXF; V.HSTR; FRA:RGG1) acquires gold producing mines and development projects for $5M. Wow, big news out of Heliostar this morning… The company has entered an agreement buy all of Florida Canyon Gold’s assets in Mexico for US$5 million. The projects were recently spun out from Argonaut Gold. They include two producing mines—San Agustin and the La Colorada—and two advanced development projects. It will give the company immediate production and cash flow, and increases their measured and indicated resources to 3.5 million ounces of gold. CEO Charles Funk summarizes what this does for Heliostar. “This acquisition is transformative for Heliostar. The Company transitions from single asset developer to a multi-asset producer. The addition of the two producing gold mines provides cash flow to bring new production online. In addition, this transaction eliminates up to US$20 million in contingent payments on the Ana Paula project, freeing that capital for its development, which remains the Company’s focus. Further it cancels up to US$150 million in conditional option payments on San Antonio. All in exchange for a total acquisition price of US$5 million. Perhaps of most value is the addition […]

Aztec Minerals, Canter Resources. How to Find Company Info on the Website.

Hi TheGoldAdvisor readers, Two companies in the portfolio with news today, along with a brief explanation on how to find the Gold Advisor portfolio and specific company data. Let’s jump in…   AZTEC MINERALS (AZZTF; V.AZT) continues to sample high-grade gold & silver at Tombstone. This is the third reconnaissance sampling program at the Tombstone project in Arizona. It continues to return strong gold and silver mineralization—in fact, the team found that four of ten samples assayed greater than one g/t gold equivalent. Some of the highlights were impressive, including: 66 g/t gold and 225 g/t silver, for a total of 11.47 g/t gold equivalent 4.94 g/t Au and 268 g/t Ag, for 8.29 g/t AuEq 79 g/t Au and 104.5 g/t Ag, for 5.10 g/t AuEq 33 g/t Au and 366 g/t Ag, for 5.91 g/t AuEq 60 g/t Au and 360 g/t Ag, for 5.10 g/t AuEq. The upshot of these results is that they confirm gold-silver mineralization extends south of recently discovered the Westside target area. You can see that in this graphic, with the red dots representing the highest-grade samples.   Notice these samples are outside of the Contention Pit area and as a result suggest […]

Tectonic Metals, + Interview and Announcing the New Paydirt Podcast!

Hi TheGoldAdvisor readers, I’m still traveling and will be on another plane by the time you read this. Now I’m on my way to Montreal to visit editor Peter Krauth. If you don’t know, he decided to join us when we purchased Gwen Preston’s business, feeling we were the best place to house his Silver Stock Investor newsletter. I had a productive and overall grand time at Rick Rule’s Natural Resource Symposium in Boca Raton, Florida last week. I was one of the emcees, hosting multiple breakfasts, lunches, and breakout sessions. I also met independently with the CEO of one of our newest picks, our Columbia silver explorer in Paydirt Prospector that’s making some waves (and by the way will have news this week, in case you want to join before it comes out). And yes, I identified some new picks! One for here at the Gold Advisor—I’ve extended an invitation so we’ll see what they say—and one for Paydirt Prospector, who didn’t have a booth but I met with the CEO and VP-Exploration. Stay tuned, there is lots ahead. On to today’s news and an exciting announcement about our new podcast…   Tectonic Metals (TETOF; V.TECT) raises C$3M, including […]

Silver Stock Investor: July 2024 Mid-month

July 15, 2024 Dear subscriber, It’s mid-July, it’s hot, and silver is on fire! In the first half of this year, silver had the highest return of all major global financial assets, gaining about 22%. It’s impressive, but not shocking. At least…not to me. In this issue I look at what comes next.   Silver’s been so undervalued and underpriced for so long, the reversion to the mean had to start happening. That inflection point came in late February. I was recently asked what finally made silver move. I think the answer has three parts. First, it got a strong signal from gold which has been resilient due to central bank buying over the past two years. Second, the market realized just how underpriced silver has been versus other assets. And third, the structural deficit in the silver market, in large part due to solar demand, is finally being recognized. My discussion with SmallCapInterviews helps to understand the fundamental case for higher silver: Peter Krauth / SmallCapInterviews These three factors pushed silver from $22 in February to a $32 peak in May. Silver prices then dialed back to $29 in late June and have rallied recently to $31. That’s very […]

Vizsla Silver, Cabral Gold, Rule Symposium Update, New Pick in Paydirt Prospector

Hi TheGoldAdvisor readers, I’m at Rick Rule’s Natural Resource Symposium in Boca Raton, Florida. Yesterday started with a bang, including an evening cruise down one of the canals. One of the company’s I emceed yesterday was Tectonic Metals and the CEO Tony Reda. Our topic was “Is Grade King? What Drives M&A?” As Tony pointed out, grades globally are falling, as are large discoveries. And yet majors still need ounces to maintain production, much less grow. Newmont needs to replace over 7 million ounces every year just to tread water. They and many others can’t rely on brownfields exploration near their existing mines to come up with all the ounces they need and as such will be looking at assets that can provide significant production. And while high grade is good, it’s economic ore that is key. Will Tectonic Metals be one of those companies? Time will tell, but I can tell you management is doing everything in its power to become exactly that. On to today’s news…   VIZSLA SILVER (VZLA): Hits 2,398 g/t silver equivalent over 7 meters at Copala. Vizsla released six new drill holes from the Copala area of the Panuco silver-gold project. Here’s what that […]

July 8, 2024: New Copper Stock Pick, from a Team that’s Made Multiple Discoveries and a Stock Owned by More Geologists than I’ve Ever Seen

Hi Paydirt Prospector investors, I was impressed with this company after just one visit. Not just the team but the specific strategy they use to make a discovery. I want to bring it to your attention now because they have assay results due out any day, on a target that a successful geologist—including his stint as a successful gold explorer on a reality TV show—had previously identified. We still have other stocks from Gwen Preston to update, and I promise we’ll get to those, but right now I want to jump ahead to…   TRAILBREAKER RESOURCES (APRAF; V.TBK; FRA:KCG) This young company began trading on the Venture exchange on March 22, 2021. In just three years they amassed 11 properties, four of which are getting work right now. And they have fewer shares outstanding than you’d think after all these acquisitions. The projects are strong, one in particular with game-changing potential. It’s also the prior success of the team and how they go about things that made me want to become a shareholder. As usual we start with the…   PEOPLE What’s important to note from the outset is that this team of geologists has been working together for over […]

Weekly Wrap-Up of All Developments in TheGoldAdvisor Portfolio

Hi TheGoldAdvisor readers, Before we get to our weekly wrap-up, we added multiple new features to the website this week: Companies in each newsletter are “tagged” at the top, which includes their daily price action. Just look below the title and subtitle—and click on one of them to see basic info on the company and stock. Our portfolio pages are up! You’ll see this offers some good starter information about each company, plus if you click on a company it takes you to their page on our site. There are new dropdown menus on the home page for About and our 3 Books And as we mentioned, our Team is now up on the site. The goal is to make this an increasingly valuable resource for any gold and mining stock investor. On to this week’s recap…   TUESDAY, JULY 2: Three companies with news today. You’ll see senior analyst Jeff Valks helps with this portfolio, too: Canter Resources, Aztec Minerals, VOX Royalties   WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 2024: Two companies with news today: P2 Gold, Arizona Gold & Silver   Plus, a heads-up on a few items… I leave Saturday on a two-week trip, starting with Rick Rule’s Natural Resource […]