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It was a beautiful 5-pound piece of quartz with 3½ ounces of gold woven throughout. It glistened and raised the eyebrows of anyone who saw it.

It was my Dad’s biggest find as a gold prospector. He retired early and moved to California—and was hooked from the very first time he saw a small gold nugget in the bottom of his pan.

It was more of a hobby than a professional endeavor, but he got pretty good at it.

He won a few gold panning contests, and was part of a group that guaranteed you’d find gold when they taught you how to use your metal detector—and he always came through.

Such began my interest in gold.

And now after working for multiple newsletters and bullion dealers, I want to do what my Dad did: share my knowledge with the gold community...

Why TheGoldAdvisor is Here

I was frustrated. I had so much to share about my favorite mining stocks but had no place to do so.

Twitter’s 280-character limit just doesn’t cut it.

Conference presentations were better but weren’t a good platform for ongoing stock coverage.

I kept getting lots of questions. I knew I could help if I had a landing spot for investors to come to.

My desire to “pay forward” all the education and training I had received by so many good analysts before me continued to grow.

I envisioned a portal where investors could…

  • Learn how to evaluate a mining stock…
  • See my mining picks and receive follow-ups on the companies…
  • A place that might help them with their own due diligence…
  • A place to learn about gold.

It is this desire, my friends, that forms the basis of our mission statement.

TheGoldAdvisor Mission: To provide the individual investor, like was provided to me, sound education and useful guidance on gold, the most important asset of the decade, and the stocks that mine it, for maximum protection and profit. For free.

In other words, this is about more than just handing out my favorite stock picks. I want to share why I pick the stocks I do. And provide follow-up.

To that end, I’ll show you my “starting method” in what I look for in a mining stock. You can take that strategy and apply it to your own stock picking.

I’ll also post comments and updates on company developments.

My goal is to make this a place you can land to check on my mining stocks, learn about gold, and get information you probably won’t find in a free portal.

I have nearly two decades of experience—and I want to share it with mining investors.

What TheGoldAdvisor Delivers

What you can expect from TheGoldAdvisor is…

  • The basics on gold—why you should own it… where I buy my physical gold and silver… who I use for my gold IRA… where I store bullion offshore… the mining newsletters I personally subscribe to (one of which offers TheGoldAdvisor readers a discount). I’ll add more resources as our community grows.
  • My personal mining stock picks, along with my analysis of those companies. While I won’t be right about every single stock pick—no one ever is—a basket approach of the strongest companies limits our risk, while offering immense potential upside. The portfolio of stock picks will grow as opportunities surface—our goal, after all, is to capitalize on any compelling opportunity we see.
  • Company updates, via our newsletter, of each stock in the portfolio, including commentary on worthy news and all major developments. I’ll alert you when I buy a new stock, share videos of my conference presentations, reports from mine site visits, and other info as events warrant.
  • GoldSilver.com articles—everything I continue to write for them on the gold and silver markets.

We’ll add our own videos in the months ahead. And stay tuned, there’s a big surprise in the first quarter of 2023.

How TheGoldAdvisor is Free

Everything offered on TheGoldAdvisor.com site is free to investors.

Most investment websites generate revenue in one of two ways: charge investors (the subscription model), or charge companies (the sponsor model). I chose the latter, as it allows me to produce free content for investors.

I’m happy to share my knowledge, and feel this is the best way for me to serve the gold and silver community at this point in my life.

I also wanted a no-cost site because mining stock analysis is different than other equity investments (something most mainstream analysts don’t understand). It involves a learning curve, and it’s easier to help more investors in a free portal.

For those investors that would like more early stage companies, ones with greater risk but greater potential reward, check out the PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR, which uses the book to identify opportunities with explosive potential.

Integrity is Not for Sale

You should know, however, that we don’t accept just any sponsor.

Companies must pass our criteria—or they’re not invited. In other words, it’s by invitation only; we’ve already turned down several companies that asked to be part of the portfolio.

My integrity is not for sale. You can’t buy your way onto TheGoldAdvisor.

The sponsors you see on our website are hand-picked and fully vetted before they join TheGoldAdvisor portfolio. While I own other mining stocks, these are the ones I feel offer the strongest opportunity for gains. You can check them out here.

From Education to Profits

Your education into this sector will hopefully lead to a fatter brokerage account, as it has mine.

After learning as much as I could about this industry, my personal net worth from 2007 to 2021—largely from mining stocks—grew approximately 11-fold. During both bull and bear markets.

That’s what I want to help you do.

Gold is a must-own asset in today’s world. And the opportunity in front of us with gold and silver equities is both exciting and risky. Speculative while potentially very lucrative. My goal is to help sort through the possibilities.

Our journey has begun—welcome!

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