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Jeff Clark

It glistened like only real gold can, that shiny nugget in the bottom of the pan, stirring the prospector in Jeff’s late father. And that love for gold and silver—or rather, discovering gold and silver—quickly transferred to Jeff. At one point the family owned mining claims in California, Arizona, and Nevada, and his Dad became a prolific prospector. Jeff carved his own path, focusing more on investing in gold and silver, starting as an analyst for Doug Casey’s firm in 2007. Combined with his love of writing, Jeff quickly became a globally recognized authority on precious metals. He is the founder of TheGoldAdvisor.com, speaks regularly at precious metals conferences and serves on the advisory board of Strategic Wealth Preservation in Grand Cayman, a bullion storage facility. You can follow Jeff on Twitter @TheGoldAdvisor.

Marc Godard

Marc is a lifelong entrepreneur, developer and technologist. He studied Cognitive Science as a special field concentration in Artificial Intelligence at Queen’s University’s School of Computing. With about 30 years of programming experience, Marc has designed and built numerous complex and custom systems, applications and web applications, including CRM Systems, CMS, e-commerce and large corporate web properties including leading projects for Canada’s large telecommunication companies. Possessing excellent business and technical acumen, he has acquired, revamped and reformed more than a dozen companies and provided professional consultation to many more. Marc was also involved in blockchain technology for over 4 years, and helped plan and start blockchain companies including Equibit Group, where Marc was CTO for the first year of the company before moving onto other projects. An avid believer in gold, Marc has created multiple company websites for gold-related businesses, including TheGoldAdvisor.com.

Jeff Valks

Jeff Valks’ passion for investing started while working as a radio update anchor for Canada's preeminent sports station, TSN in 2011. Late one Friday night, he muted his mic after his last update of the evening, when it occurred to him that if he focused on stock markets as much as he focused on sports statistics the results were more likely to benefit his future. 

Studying capital markets was an instant love affair for Jeff. While his friends partied on weekends, he was knee-deep in research. In 2012 he began making his own trades, catching the likes of Tesla and Facebook at a time when analysts were bearish about the future juggernauts. 

His success paved the way to become the Director of Content for dividend.com, ETFdb.com, and TraderHQ.com. In late 2018 he built his own course on the basics of money management and investing, which he still teaches today at the community college level. 

He’s still big on baseball statistics and he’s quick to point out that Ty Cobb mixed sports with investing quite brilliantly. In fact, it was after reading about Cobb’s successful investment in a copper mine that led Jeff to investigate the riches of pay dirt — which is what brings him home to The Gold Advisor.

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