Background & Experts

In 2019, I started to publicly disclose my personal mining picks. At conferences, on Twitter, in interviews—I shared what stocks I was buying with anyone interested.

Almost immediately one question came up, and kept coming up: how do you pick your stocks? What makes you think this one or that one could be good? How does anyone pick a mining stock since this industry is so different than other sectors?

I began toying with the idea of writing a book. I hesitated though, because I knew it would be a lot of work, and I was busy anyway.

But then Dan Rubock—a good friend and colleague at—came up with the perfect title for a book on how to buy mining stocks. And began pushing me to write it.

When the dark days of Covid hit, I had no excuses. You couldn’t do anything or go anywhere, so I turned the nightlight on at my desk and began outlining what you’ll eventually read.

I convinced Alex Daley, President of, to support me, in terms of time and eventually hiring an editor. That person ended up being long-time friend Doug Hornig (you’ll see his accomplishments in the Acknowledgements), who took the book to a whole other level.

We ended up transforming the first draft into both an entertaining and highly practical read. You’ll be told exactly what to do and what to look for in a mining company, from the method I’ve used repeatedly myself, all in a text that is both easy and fun to read.

We also decided to add something else to increase one’s ability to hit PAYDIRT in their mining portfolio…


What better way to help investors identify potential winning mining stocks than to ask other professionals who do it for a living. Sprinkled throughout my methods you’ll find the experiences and expertise of other successful people in the sector.

They are (alphabetically)…

  • Geologist the late Brad Cooke (Aztec Minerals, among others)
  • Geologist & Mine Engineer Eric Fier (SilverCrest Metals)
  • Portfolio Manager John Hathaway (Sprott)
  • Geologist Quinton Hennigh (Crescat Capital)
  • Fund Manager Frank Holmes (U.S. Global Investors)
  • Mining Executive Matthew Hornor (Maple Gold)
  • Mining Executive Steve Letwin (Cassiar Gold)
  • Bullion Dealer Mike Maloney (
  • Geologist Peter Megaw (Reyna Silver, among others)
  • Mining Executive Keith Neumeyer (First Majestic Silver, First Mining Gold)
  • Mining Executive Mark O’Dea (Oxygen Capital)
  • Geologist Ron Parratt (Relevant Gold)
  • Geologist David Rhys (Cassiar Gold, among others)
  • Resource Speculator Rick Rule (Rule Investment Media)
  • Fund Manager Ronald Stoeferle (Incrementum AG)
  • Mining Executive Nolan Watson (Sandstorm Gold Royalties)

They graciously shared their time and expertise, and you’ll find quotes and insights from all of them scattered throughout the book. Frankly, I have not seen this collection of wisdom in one place before. If you want to learn how to pick stocks, they join me in telling you exactly what to do (and not do).