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  • I booked a 550% profit on Kraken Energy.
  • Grabbed a 357% profit on Brunswick Exploration.
  • Snagged a 151% profit from Denison Mines.
  • Took a 313% profit on NexGen Energy.
  • Sitting on 1,100%+ gains with Snowline Gold and Hercules Silver.
  • Still holding a 140%+ gain with Independence Gold.

Locking in big profits and holding others with large gains has more than made up for the stocks still struggling.

And now, I want to share these potential big gainers with you…

We’re rolling out a new paid service, one that offers an over-my-shoulder look at all the stocks I buy and sell.

It’s a newsletter for those who want…

  • New players that are too early-stage for coverage on site—our free service—and come with a higher level of speculation. Almost two decades in the business means I get wind of new opportunities early.
  • Faster moving special situations that require an alert-type service, where we might need to act quickly. Some may eventually become sponsors, others will not.
  • My uranium, copper, and lithium picks, stocks I actually own and would buy more of (plus the ones I have sold or will sell!) for the bull markets that lie ahead for each of these metals.



A mining stock newsletter for the investor who wants to “prospect for paydirt” a little deeper and hit a little bigger payoff. I’m talking about stocks with explosive price potential.

If you don’t know me already, I’m Jeff Clark, and I got started in the gold business the old fashion way—getting my hands dirty on my family’s mining claims in California, Nevada, and Arizona. My late father was a gold prospector, and his biggest find was a stunning piece of bright white quartz with over three ounces of gold woven through it. I have never looked back.

I then cut my teeth in the newsletter business with Doug Casey’s firm many years ago, and Louis James was my mentor. I have since worked for multiple gold bullion dealers and newsletters. I even wrote a book on the techniques I’ve perfected to capture big gains in mining stocks, PAYDIRT.

Now I want to share those potential big gainers with you.


Coverage on the GDXJeff stocks—where I give updates on my past public recommendations. If you acted on my earlier coverage and own any of these stocks, this is where I give timely details on which ones I consider strong buys, those I will hold, and those I’ve sold or plan to sell.

The GDXJeff stocks will stay active until they’re fully integrated into the PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR,, or they’re sold.


Bullion Deals. We’ve made a lot of friends in the bullion industry, dealers I’ve come to know and trust (and a few we avoid).

Owning physical metal is crucial until our monetary and financial system returns to sound footing. To help you get there, I will secure discounts for subscribers on bullion products with a select group of trusted dealers.

These will be exclusive for PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR subscribers, and I expect to bring you multiple deals every year.

It’s all here in…


I’m excited to offer an active portfolio of mining stocks and a service that is quick to jump on new opportunities, quick to take profits, and quick to find new stocks. The letter targets early stage and under-the-radar miners that come with higher risk but greater potential payoff.

You do NOT have to be a high-net worth investor to participate. However, you should have sufficient funds to take advantage of the opportunities, as well as spread your risk across several positions. We will frequently build cash in this letter, too, by taking profits and selling.

PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR is also better suited for investors who have a firm grip on their emotions. This is a volatile sector, and you must be willing and able to accept some losses alongside the gains, and not sweat every downtick and panic sell.

Managing our “emotional” capital is arguably more important than managing our actual capital. If you can stay disciplined, your overall portfolio can be a winner.

If this sounds like you, then you’re ready to see the advanced stock picks I’m going to share with you.

The PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR portfolio will offer more big payoffs than the free site, but it does come with more risk. Most of these opportunities are junior exploration companies—read chapter 10 in PAYDIRT to see where we’ll focus.

But if you’re a speculator who isn’t afraid to take calculated risks for a bigger potential payout, the PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR could be a good fit.

No special reports… no long-winded discussions on outside topics… no predictions about the Fed or interest rates or the economy. Just mining stocks, nothing more.

The PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR is an Alert-driven service. Opportunities don’t come to us on a set schedule, and neither will this newsletter. We’ll alert you with breaking news, a new stock we want to buy, a major development, when it’s time to sell a stock, or have a new bullion deal to offer. We expect to communicate with you every week—sometimes more, sometimes less.

When you join us, be prepared to hit the ground running…

The PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR has many gold and silver stocks in the portfolio, plus uranium, copper, and lithium picks. Stocks you can buy today. You will get straightforward guidance and full transparency on the stocks I own, the ones I am looking to sell, and those I plan to buy—always giving you first crack.

If you want the chance to “prospect for paydirt” and hit bigger paydays, the PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR could be for you.

The PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR is just $95/quarter. Or you can opt for our annual subscription offer at the discounted price of $350 a year.

That may not sound cheap. But for this level of service many of my peers charge hundreds of dollars per quarter, some thousands of dollars per year.

[Please note: My team and I devote substantial time and money to bring you the best research available on this portfolio. If you decide this service is not for you, you can cancel and keep all the resources you gained from it, but no refunds will be given.]

We will continue regular coverage of all the sponsoring companies featured on And there will still be an occasional new pick there.

This service is faster paced and reaches further down the mining sector ladder, looking for the next Snowline Gold and Hercules Silver, or the next stock ready for a re-rating. It isn’t investing advice. Rather, it gives you an over-the-shoulder look at what I’m personally doing beyond TheGoldAdvisor site and gives you the first chance to act (read our disclaimer).

I’m ready to share my journey with you and hope to see you aboard.

To the kind of profits early-stage companies can bring,

Jeff Clark


P.S. Some industry veterans say the biggest gains will come from the newest picks, and that more often than not the more established names won’t deliver the most explosive upside. True or not, we must rotate into new stocks on a regular basis to capture the full reward of the bull market. That’s our goal at PAYDIRT PROSPECTOR.

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