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First, here’s our promise: our employees and contractors, and their immediate family, will not buy within 5 trading days of a NEW pick, or within 3 days of a CHANGE in recommendation, and will wait 2 trading days AFTER a new recommendation or change in recommendation before we buy or sell.

In other words, you always get first crack with any new movement in this portfolio. I debated starting this letter because I personally act fast when the timing is right! A few days rarely makes a big difference, but either way you’ll always get a head start.

Second, this is the point where there’s typically lots of legalese that makes attorneys dreamy but the rest of us sleepy. So, here’s our disclaimer in straight talk:

  1. You can lose all your money from an investment on this site. Or from all of them.
  2. We’re not licensed financial advisors, so nothing we say can be considered personal advice for you. We can’t possibly know what’s good advice for you anyway.
  3. You are solely responsible for your own investing decisions. We’re not telling you what to do—we’re simply sharing what we are doing. It is your decision whether to follow our lead or not.
  4. You should first check with a financial planner or investment advisor—we know they’re sometimes negative or ignorant about this specialized sector and even gold in general, but they have information and guidance that might be useful to you that is outside the scope of this letter.
  5. While we believe our commentary to be true, it is always dependent on the reliability of sources. You are strongly encouraged to confirm facts on your own before making a financial commitment. It’s part of due diligence.
Home / Paydirt Prospector / Disclaimer for the Paydirt Prospector